Photoblog: How to Be Great Set

It’s that time again…set build. Here are a couple quick shots of the build.

Set Build

Set Build

Ah, the magic of suspended corrugated aluminum painted to look “rustic”, black truss towers, and lots and lots of moving lights…

David Stagl

One Response to “Photoblog: How to Be Great Set

  • we used to do a young adult service at an off-campus site that someone got the bright idea to line all of the walls with metal, “for that modern, yet rustic look.” sounds fine, until you plug in a buch of guitar amps and soak in all the 60-cycle hum.

    to make it worse, some of us were using some vintage Vox and Fender stuff, which sounded amazing, but aren’t always grounded very well. take it from me, never hold a guitar plugged into a 60’s Vox, and then lean against a metal wall, ever.