Guitar Isolation Continues

Iso Line Drawing.png

Guitar amplifier isolation is proving to be a very popular topic so I went right to the original source of our cabinets. This info comes courtesy of Chris Briley up at Browns Bridge. This is for his latest version of the isolation cabinets which are a little different than what we have at North Point. The new ones are bigger, and there is no sliding drawer.

Chris says the outside dimensions are 4′ cubed. He adds, “I did this to make it as large as possible but use common materials.
plus it makes easy cuts and less waste on materials.

ISO Cabinate Wiring and Parts.pdf

David Stagl

One Response to “Guitar Isolation Continues

  • Kelsen
    16 years ago

    Last year when I was putting together plans to build two iso-boxes, a friend of a friend is an audiologist and had an old isolation room for hearing tests. But this one was much smaller than the ones I’d been in. It was just a little larger than a refrigerator, only large enough for someone to sit in. So we divided the space in two with a shelf, added a little more acoustic material and ran mic, power, and instrument cables through the feed through-panels already in the booth. The isolation between the compartments and outside the whole unit is amazing.