RF Week: RF Day

Photoblog:  Site Scan

Today was a big day and a long day and I’m beat so this is going to be a quick one. Luis Guerra was on site most of the day scanning our campus, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for us to get everything done. Our rehearsal for the Night of Worship ended up starting an hour earlier than we anticipated it, and I was scrambling around 2pm when the realization we weren’t going to finish set in and I had to have things up and running for the night.

Luke and I turned everything we needed for the night on and checked to make sure that our intercoms and mics and ears were all playing nice together. We got it all working, did a check on our new main speaking bodypack, and go rolling. Everything worked for the night, but we are back in tomorrow to hopefully finish this RF stuff for a while. So stay tuned….

David Stagl

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