Photoblog: FOH – 8:15pm

Photoblog: FOH – 8:15pm, originally uploaded by fohdave.


David Stagl

4 Responses to “Photoblog: FOH – 8:15pm

  • Hey… What event is this?! Look preatty awesome! Great rig! D&B C Rig with a 5D? Great sounding rig! Im wondering if it is a D&B rig, how many B2’s were put on the floor. The only other thing that could have done anything better would be to upgrade the 5D to the Digico SD8!! 🙂

  • Maybe it’s a Q rig??

  • D&B J rig. 6 B2’s per side, I believe, in cardioid configuration.

  • Taylor
    15 years ago

    Awesome! I have never heard a J rig- but I heard it is amazing!