August 2010 Webinar: Point Source vs. Line Arrays

I’m currently on vacation, but I wanted to give you a quick heads up that our August webinar will be...

One-Off Webinar – August 4th

Next Wednesday I have the privilege to take part in Avid’s monthly Live Sound Webinar. The topic for the month...

July Webinar: Take 2

July Webinar: Take 2

Thanks to everyone for their patience with the webinar. Unfortunately technology derailed us in our first shot at the July...

Mixing Webinar Tonight

Mixing Webinar Tonight

We’re back at our Livestream channel tonight for the webinar. We’ll get rolling around 10pm EDT. See you tonight!

More Mixing for the July Webinar

Well, the July webinar has arrived, and this month we’re going to continue our discussion from last month about mixing....

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