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Church Sound Quality Matters

Message Impact

Poor sound quality makes it challenging for attenders to hear your messages clearly and fully engage in your worship services.

Team Engagement

Team members involved in your services may be frustrated by poor sound this and not perform at their full potential.


Some people may even avoid attending your services due to your sound quality.
Churches we work with have well-trained engineers that ensure a smooth-running worship service where attenders can worship together and connect with their heavenly father. Their teams are more engaged on and off the platform. They stop worrying about whether their services will sound good and are able to focus their energy on creating engaging services.

We Provide

Seminars & Master Classes

Seminars & Master Classes

Build your team’s foundation and knowledge in audio through personalized masterclasses and seminars perfect for groups of 5 or more.

Seminars & Master Classes

1 on 1 Training & Coaching

Increase your skills with the guidance of a master audio engineer working right along side you in the familiarity of your environment.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Maximize the audio for your church with the guidance of a trusted expert who isn’t selling you more gear to solve your challenges.

I'm Proud to Have Worked with GREAT Churches:

What are people saying?

  • With volunteers managing the sound mixing every Sunday morning, we faced difficulties in ensuring uniformity and excellence in sound across all our locations. It was disheartening to feel that both our team and our congregation were receiving an experience that lacked the high standard of quality we strive to provide. This inconsistency not only affected our presentation but also, to an extent, impacted the overall spiritual experience we aimed to deliver. After working with Dave, our sound teams feel a greater level of confidence, reflected in a remarkable improvement in sound quality. There is a noticeable sense of enjoyment and fulfillment among our team members, characterized by confidence in their roles. Additionally, we have noticed a more unified spirit within the team, reinforcing a sense of unity and shared accomplishment. Dave's expertise as a coach and leader has significantly elevated our sound quality, as well as the performance of our band. Collaborating with him has not only brought about technical improvements but has also fostered a sense of excellence within our team. I firmly believe that his involvement would be a valuable asset to anyone striving to achieve higher standards in sound and band performance.
    Paul SmithSenior Pastor - Rivertown Community Church
    We had a decent mix, but wanted to take it to the next level. It felt like we needed someone to help guide us to what we wanted. Dave opened our eyes to more than just the mix. He focused more on getting our fundamentals correct before we worked on the over all sound. Having his fresh ear come in and adjust brought out things we didn't hear anymore. We learned about our room more in a day with Dave than we did in over 7 years. Dave was super easy to work with, his knowledge is huge, and it was a smart investment.
    Craig ForandProduction Director - Heritage Church

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