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My workshops are aimed at smaller groups where the ability for hands-on coaching can happen while seminars are for medium sized groups where demonstrations work better. These events are a great way to invest in your team if you lead a larger team or have engineers spread across ministries or multiple campuses. Seminars are also a great way to partner with other churches in your community.

Most events are available in half-day formats that are great for mid-week training and development while full-day events are designed for an 8-10 hour deposit in your team. Two half-day events may also be combined into a full-day event.

Below is a list of currently available workshops and seminars. If you’d like to find out more info about scheduling an event, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Priority Mixing (full-day)


Priority Mixing is my flagship training event and centers on the big picture of mixing. Time is often a resource in short supply when it comes to mixing, and in Priority Mixing workshop I outline and demonstrate how to go for the big wins in a mix so that time is maximized on the things that matter most.

One of the things I’ve always found fascinating is while there is a commonly taught approach to mixing, very few of the A-List engineers who have inspired me over the years subscribe to this approach. Priority Mixing is a hybrid approach blending aspects of the traditionally taught approach to mixing with an approach I find to be more in-line with the way many A-List mixers actually work and approach things.

Topics covered within the workshop include:

  • How and where to sit vocals
  • How to create space for instruments to sit together
  • Relationships between instruments
  • Musicality, or in other words, breathing life into a static mix
NEW – Essential Mixing Techniques (1 or 2 days)


LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

Mixing is a musical discipline and not a technical one, however, constructing a great mix still requires mastering mixing techniques. That’s where this workshop comes in.

Essential Mixing Techniques is about the equipment we have as engineers, why we have it, and how to use it effectively in the context of a mix. The aim of this workshop is to arm you and your engineers with techniques and a way to develop your skills at these techniques beyond the workshop. We will discuss using these techniques on specific instruments, but the goal is to develop approaches that can be used on any instrument whether the engineer is familiar with it or not.

Content may be tailored to best suit you and/or your engineers so this workshop is available as a 1 or 2 day workshop.

Subjects may include: Mic Technique, Gain Staging, EQ, Dynamics Processing, Spatial FX (reverbs, delays), Advanced Techniques (ex. multi-band compression, parallel compression, using distortion).

Advanced Mixing Techniques (half-day to full-day)

LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

This workshop is for intermediated to advanced engineers, and the content is shaped around you and/or your engineers’ current skill level. Topics may include things like parallel compression, multi-band compressors and dynamic equalization, side-chain compression and gating, and layering FX. Depending on how many topics you would like to cover, this workshop may run from a half to a full-day.

Measurement for Mixing (half-day)

RTA’s or real time analyzers are becoming ubiquitous tools for mixing these days, but that doesn’t mean they are intuitive to use. In this half-day workshop I cover strategies for setting up an RTA along with how to interpret the information it’s presenting.

Killer Vocals (half-day)

Vocals are the most important element in most mixes. Killer Vocals covers topics including mic technique, vocal EQ and compression strategies, vocal FX, and different background vocal strategies.

Drum Strategies (half-day)

For years I’ve been getting compliments on the drum sounds in my mix. Now you can spend a half-day with me discovering how to achieve great drums in your mixes. Topics covered include mic placement, EQ and compression strategies, overall mix strategies, and FX.

Setting Yourself Up for Successful Failures (half-day)

This workshop is all about pre-production so that when trouble comes you can survive. We’ll cover subjects including input lists, stage plots, console layout and management strategies, and stage setup strategies.

Working With Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are the latest tool finding their way into the world of live sound. This workshop focuses on choosing the right plug-ins from among the many options, techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of plug-ins, and creating an investment strategy for building a library.

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