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Sacred Gathering May 2007

There is a wealth of information available to anyone wanting to learn about audio these days. The challenge, though, is audio isn’t just a technical discipline mastered through knowledge. Audio is a craft and an art, and furthering your skills in any sort of craft often necessitates the use of an expert. I’ve spent the last 25 years focused on mastering the craft of audio and have been told I possess a rare mix of technical know-how along with the artistic and musicality needed to create great audio experiences. I get the “how” and the “why” necessary to create the emotional impact often lacking in mixes.

I’ve spent a large portion of my career sharing what I’ve learned with the engineers I’ve supervised and befriended, and I can now offer these same one-on-one insights on a greater scale. Below are just a few ideas of how I can be of service, but I’d love to talk to you to figure out how I can help you take your audio game to the next level. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and I’ll be happy to get in touch.

  • Audio Staff and Volunteer Development

    Why settle for a one-size-fits-all class, conference or seminar when you can have someone meet your team where they’re currently at and help them move to the next level? I spent 11 years of my career leading audio teams in Houses of Worship mentoring and training engineers at all levels. Maybe it’s time for your staff and/or volunteers to get some of that same attention so they can up their game.

  • Loudspeaker Evaluation and Re-Tuning

    There are many great system designers and techs installing and optimizing sound systems. The challenge, though, is many of them are only “techs” and don’t understand what a mix engineer needs to get out of a system in order to create an emotionally compelling mix. Let me show you first-hand why engineers love mixing on the systems I tune and why audiences love listening to these systems.

  • Workflow and Setup Advisory

    Behind every great mix is a plan. It’s not necessarily the glamorous side of audio, but it’s the foundation everything gets built on. Are your engineers properly prepared before they get behind a console to mix? Are your soundchecks painful and long? Do you feel like your rehearsals are a waste of time? I’d love to help you develop some simple, best practices to increase the effectiveness of these often mundane aspects of audio.

    A Mix Perspective for Churches

    Are you trying to figure out why your church’s mixes aren’t meeting your expectations? I’ve spent the last 11 years mixing live sound in churches, and I would love to help. I’d love to visit your church to hear things in person, but if an on-site visit isn’t feasible there may be another option.

    Thanks to virtual soundcheck, many churches have a bounty of multi-track recordings that can serve as critical evaluation tools. You send me a multi-track recording from a recent service, and I will evaluate the source material and mix it in my studio using the same approaches I use when mixing a service. Then we’ll discuss how I achieved my results from overall approach down to the nitty-gritty details of the mix along with some of the acoustic challenges that might be hindering your results.

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